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Our cooperative

The   Agricultural Cooperative Kelifoto Fistiki Molos-Thermopyles, has been established since July 27, 2011.
It consists of 70 producers, whose estates are located around and within the wider estate area of the Municipal District of Molos and the historical area of Thermopylae, on an area of approximately 1,800 acres, which extends from the coastal zone to the southern mountains at an altitude of 400-500 meters.
Around 35,000 of our members's pistachio trees are planted in this area, producing around 150 tons (two-year average) of shelled pistachios.

The goal of the Cooperative is to offer directly to the consumer the variety of standardized-packaged salted and roasted pistachio products, making them available in food stores, meeting all hygiene and traceability rules (HACCP, ISO), inside and outside Greece, to the benefit of our growers enjoying a better price on his product, and to the benefit of the consumer enjoying a lower price on an identified and tested product with great nutritional value.


Fully Qualified

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