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Molos Cooperative Thermopyles Pistachio

Our product

The shelled peanut of the Molos area of Fthiotida is produced  in the wider property area of the Municipal District of Molos, (which now belongs to the newly expanded Kammena Vourlon), on an area of about 2,700 acres, which extends from the coastal zone up to the SW Mendenitsa towards the southern mountains at an altitude of 400-500 meters, while to the west it covers the entire area up to the SW. of Agia Triada and east to Scarfeia. About 50,000 pistachio trees are planted in this area, producing about 150-250 tons of shelled peanuts (under OPEGEP certification for the Protected Designation of Origin - PDO), which is sold every year to the Greek and foreign markets.

The Shelled Pistachio of Molos-Thermopyles has all the necessary safety certificates (Agro 2.1, 2.2, GLOBAL-GAP, ISO:22000) which make it a high quality product.

Through Integrated Crop Management, with full traceability of the product from harvest to the final stage of sale to the consumer, and having all growers's crop analyzed for pesticide and aflatoxin residue, we ensure the purity of the product and the quality we seek, so that the consumer can be completely sure of their purchase.
The nutritional analysis of our product showed something unprecedented in global peanut data: Its unsaturated fats are at 49.2%. This makes our product unbeatable by giving it a top sweet taste and is an important part of a healthy daily human diet.
The processing-packaging takes place in our certified and modern facilities and is available:
  a). At retail in packages of 250g. open, baked and salted, as well 100g crumb (clean endocarp without the hard shell).
  b). Wholesale raw peanuts, open & closed, in plastic bags of 25 kg.

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